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JUJUTSU is a Japanese Martial Art practiced by the BUSHI (warriors) who used it to obtain the physical annihilation of their opponents, to death too, bare handed or with weapons.The name derives from
JU = flexible, compliance;
JUTSU = art, technique.
HONTAI YOSHIN RYU is one of the ancient traditional schools (KORYU) of JUJUTSU and KOBUDO, officially acknowledged by the NIPPON BUDOKAN.

It's based on various JUJUTSU techniques both bare handed and with weapons, including the long perch (CHOBO), the short perch (HANBO), the dagger (TANTO), the short sword (KODACHI) and the long sword (IAIDO).

Despite it could look an outdated and outmoded practice, it includes a lot of lessons that are applicable to today's world, as they were in the past, during the Japanese Feudalism.

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AIKIDOis not a sport whose objective is victory, but a discipline whose practice lead to EQUILIBRIUM of BODY and MIND, needed to gain CONFIDENCE in our own skills and INTERNAL PEACE.

The name AIKIDO is formed y three kanji

AI = union
KI = enerdy, spirit of the Universe
DO = road

“The Road of Harmony with the Energy of the Universe”Aikido is one of the last evolution of Japanese Martial Arts. Codified by MASTER MORIHEI UESHIBA (1883 - 1969), it represents the synthesis done by O’SENSEI of the great number of schools and weapons techniques that existed at the beginning of the 20th century in Japan.
It has been developed as a PERSONAL DEFENCE art and as a SPIRITUAL TRAINING.
It does not require particular force or speed nor physique: it exploits the opponent’s force, as his force is amplified instead of being blocked, the opponent is lead, rather then forced, to surrender.

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JUDOis a Japanese Martial Art formally born in Japan with the foundation of the KODOKAN by Prof. JIGORO KANO in 1882.

The name is formed by two kanji
JU = flexible, compliant
DO = road

“Judo is the most efficient Road:

Do (道) to utilize Physical and Mental Force. To train in Judo means to reach the perfect knowledge of the spirit through attack-defense training and the continuous effort to obtainPHYSICAL-SPIRITUAL improvement. The perfectioning of the IO reached in this way must be addressed to social services, that constitutes the final objective of Judo.

JU (柔) is a splendid concept concerning LOGIC, VIRTUE and BRIGHTNESS, it is the reality of what is SINCERE, GOOD and BEAUTIFUL.

The expression of Judo is through the waza, achieved from technical training based on scientific study.”
(quote by M░ JIGORO KANO)

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JUJUTSU(known also as JUJITSU) is one of the ancient Martial Arts conceived around the principle of an efficient use of PHYSICAL and MENTAL energies, with movement in harmony with opposing forces. This principle is expressed by the name itself
JU = flexible, compliant
JUTSU = art, technique

Ju Jutsu is not only a sport or a Martial Art to practice in a “course”, but a training method whose objective, beyond the perfectioning of techniques and physical and reflex training, include an INTERNAL GROWTH and major sense of TRUST and KNOWLEDGE of oneself and of RESPECTtowards the others.

Modern Ju Jutsu adopts the defense system of METODO GINO BIANCHI.

The official program of Fijlkam Federation of CONI is divided in five sectors, each including twenty defense technique, following the principles of DISEQUILIBRIUM, PROJECTIONS, JOINT LEVERS, SUFFOCATIONS and COMPLEX ACTIONS of previous principles.

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PERSONAL DEFENCE is a recent evolution of traditional Martial Art. Born from the will to give a person the possibility to DEFEND himself with efficiency and safeguarding his SAFETY, in RESPECT OF THE LAW.

Personal Defense has to be seen as a PREVENTION culture suitable for everyone.

The study of a defense art before all is meant to give SELFTRUSTand a KNOWLEDGE of RISKS and VIOLENCES, the attitude of PREVENTIVAL knowledge of any attack.

The activity of Personal Defense starts from two essential philosophies: being prepared and using it only for defense and NEVER for offense.In the specific, in the GAKUEN BUJUTSU KAI’s courses, the study of Personal Defense is seen as the practical application of the principles of HONTAI YOSHIN RYU, the METODO BIANCHI and of AIKIDO, integrated with real experiences of PERSONAL DEFENCE of the Master Alessio Loreti.

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